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DIY Train Shelf

All you need are a few wooden trays and some basic supplies!


Make this stunning-but-easy decoration that doubles as a way to neatly organize your kid's favorite trains!



  • 1 large utensil tray?
  • 2 medium trays?
  • 4 small trays?
  • Scissors?
  • Ribbon?
  • Blue rubber bands?
  • 2 spools?
  • 5 embroidery hoops?
  • Blue paint?
  • Fishing line?
  • Yellow duct tape?
  • Velcro ?
  • Hot glue?


  1. Step one: Wrap three rubber bands around each hoop to create train wheels.?
  2. Step two: Paint the edges of the large utensil tray.?
  3. Step three: Glue the sides of two small trays together; repeat with other pair, as well as the two medium trays.?
  4. Step four: Connect all the pairs with glue and attach spools to make the train funnel.?
  5. Step five: Loops fishing line through the wheels and then attach them to the bottoms of the two trays by taping the line to the backsides.?
  6. Step six: Cut ribbon strips and add velcro, adhering them to the side of the utensil tray.?
  7. Step seven: Place the utensil tray horizontally on the left and the glued pairs to the right. Adding tracks to the far-left vertical slots with the ribbon and add trains onto the shelves.?

Amanda Kingloff is the author of Project Kid and Project Kid: Crafts That Go! She posts fresh craft ideas weekly at?Project Kid?and regularly contributes to national magazines.?This craft is not for use by children under three years of age.

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